• Create powerful lead generation videos that your prospects will flock to
  • Create compelling sales videos that rack up serious conversion numbers to fatten up your bottom line
  • Create magnetic video products, from scratch, that will make your prospects BEG you to take their money
  • Find out how to get your videos ranked high by search engines for your target keywords WITHIN HOURS
  • Build trust and establish your authority among your prospects by “moving the free line
  • Unlock the secrets of killer video script writing that will have people in your niche scrambling to follow your every call to action
  • Design slick video sales funnels that move prospects smoothly down your conversion path
  • Put together killer product launches – like a boss!
  • Use powerful, inexpensive and easy-to-use hardware and software tools for pro-level video creation
  • Optimize your videos for search engines and social media WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY
  • Create awesome videos with or without a video camera
  • Drive home powerful promotional and sales messages, even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera
  • Unlock the power of social media to give your videos maximum reach
  • Create your own video courses!
  • Oh, and we’ve barely just scratched the surface!

That’s EXACTLY what the Video Boss does: It takes any marketer, of any skill level, from any background, and turns them into Video Bosses who can DOMINATE NICHES AT WILL, leaving competitors dazed and confused.

And now, The Video Boss Training Course is available to YOU!

Half a year ago, I launched the ultra-popular Video Boss: Now Even Bossier private coaching program.

In just one week, thousands of Internet marketers signed up for it, allowing them to discover how to create, use, and leverage videos to take their online businesses several levels above where they started.

The launch generated multi-million dollar sales figures and shattered all the records set by the very first Video Boss launch.

Unfortunately, I could only coach so many people at once. I had to close down admission to the program so I could focus on mentoring the group that signed up for it.

Today, most of my Video Boss: Now Even Bossier students have completed the program, allowing me to take in a few more Jedi apprentices who are serious about becoming their own Internet Marketing bosses.

There’s a reason why The Video Boss is THE GOLD STANDARD for Video Marketing Training.

Walk with me through everything that makes The Video Boss your Master Tool for the Highest Quality in Video Marketing Success:

In the first Module, you’ll learn the entire video producing process, from Script to Screen and beyond. Just like the big Hollywood studios, we’ll start off with Development – this is all about creating your video’s message.

You’ll get script blueprints and learn how to write high-converting Lead Generation Videos, High Close Ratio Sales Videos, and How to Move the Free Line and distribute content as traffic getting machines.

You’ll learn how to create uber profitable sales funnels and video launches.

I’ll also show you a technique called Rapid Storyboarding that allows me to produce high quality, full length videos in just about 4 days – scripting, graphics, sound track, and visuals included.

This process is a progressive, content layering technique that creates your show according to a checklist. I couldn’t do the kinds of videos I do without it.

You’ll learn everything you need to know

I’m talking Frame Rates, Bit Rate, Progressive and Interlaced video formats, the BEST formats to screen capture and shoot live video with, and what software and hardware to use.

Oh, and by the way, the encoding software that makes those amazingly clean and noise free videos you see during all the big, fancy launches? It’s $29.00 and I’ll show you exactly how to use it.

Then, we’ll move into Post Production, where I’ll teach you my 7-part editing process that completely removes the ”What do I do now?” syndrome.

You’ll know how to assemble your show from different types of media, where to use graphics and titles, how to listen like a pro for moments to use sound to enhance your message, special tips on finessing your edit, and more.

And, I’ll also give you my Pacing, Timing, and Tempo technique that I’ve only taught ONE time. And, it wasn’t to Internet Marketers. It was to Television Commercial Editors.

Once you’ve got a your finished show, we’ll move on to Distribution.

In this phase, we’ll drill down into the exact output formats you should use to maintain the quality and technical integrity of your show, all while making it optimized enough to work with all kinds of Internet connections.

You’ll learn about preparing your video for playback anywhere, on your own web site, blog, or social media property, without ever having to install a video player or call any javascript.

We’ll talk about using Amazon’s Content Distribution Network to make your video available worldwide. And, how to secure your videos from unauthorized download.

The Video Universe training that I just covered is very comprehensive. If I showed you the title of every video tutorial in this program, we’d be here for hours.

The fact is, Video Universe is about 10 times more in depth than anything you may have previously seen.

And, here’s the thing… Video Universe is Module ONE of SEVEN.

After I stuff your head with core information and concepts in Module 1, The Video Universe, it’s time to get some real world experience with The Laboratory.

The Lab has one purpose – to show you actual operations and processes that you learned from Module One, but see them happen as they would be done by me.

We’ll start out by reverse engineering two scripts. And, when I say reverse engineer, we’re talking sentence by sentence. Sometimes, even word by word precision.

You’ll know what was on my mind when I wrote that script, what my goal was for each important pivot, and how it turned out.

I’ll show you a live Voice Over Recording Session, and walk you through some Voice Over editing tips and tricks that will permanently remove any performance anxiety you have.

Then, I’ll show you the voice effects I use to make me sound NOT LAME.

Here’s a special bit of fun

I’ll show you how I use a free piece of software to scrub out any noise I have on my tracks and the settings that I use to punch up my voice quality.

You’ll keep looking over my shoulder as we unravel what I do for PowerPoint and Keynote Slide Creation, Slide Recording, and Capture – you’ll learn one little process I do that makes my voice over performance sound smooth and fluid, helping keep the pace tight and the viewer engaged.

And, just like I TELL you in The Video Universe Module, in The Laboratory I’ll SHOW you various encoding settings, and what their effect will be on your finished product.

Once you’re done with this part, you’ll have the knowledge to compress your videos to the max without compromising their visual integrity.

You know that I don’t personally get in front of the camera too often, but I’ve lost COUNT on the number of times I’ve been behind the camera.

If you have a product or service that could really benefit from the use of Live Video, like say real estate tours, exercise programs, vacation packages, assembly or demonstration videos, talking head videos, expert interviews – even if that expert is YOU – I’ve got you covered.

If you’ve ever had one of those eyes-glazing over, losing consciousness moments when propeller heads start talking about White Balance, Focal Length, or Depth of Field – this module will square that stuff away.

I’ll show you how to set up your camera, the right white balance and color temperature settings to use and, most importantly, how to compose your shot.

Yeah, we’ll learn lingo like Establishing Shot, Wide Shot, Medium Shot, Head and Shoulders Shot, Xtreme Close Up Shot – and when to use them.

I’ll show you the rules that the professionals follow.

I’ll walk you through important checklists, too – like the pros and cons of shooting On Location vs. in a Studio.

In fact, I’ll even show you how to set up a little HOME Studio with some stuff called Muslin and Seamless – and, this stuff looks so good that your viewer will think you’re in a sound stage.

We’ll talk about Live Audio and the best ways you can capture clean and shiny sounding audio from your on-camera talent.

Speaking of on-camera talent, have you every heard the expressions “In Their Eye-line” or “Performance Line Reading”? If you haven’t, I’ll tell you why you’re NOT getting the very best performance from the people you’re interviewing or the amateur actors that you’re using – and how to avoid ticking off the pros that you might eventually use.

I’ll show you how to do it like a boss.

What about Lighting? Oh yeah – there will be lighting instruction. We’ll talk about all shapes and styles of lighting equipment

From the kind you can by at your local hardware store, all the way to “Step Back, I’m a Director of Photography” lighting instruments.

I’ll also show you how to light your scene. That means where to set up your lights in relation to the subject your photographing.

You’ll also understand contrast ratios, so you’ll know how much light to use in order to create a visually interesting, if not spectacular looking, shot.

And, of course, we’ll talk about Camera Angles, something called B-Roll, the 180-Degree Rule, and Continuity (not the marketing kind). Plus, you’ll learn various other essential skills, so you’ll be confident you can shoot whatever your marketing videos need – and do it well.

Before I talk about what you get, I feel compelled to warn you about Module 4.

This is HARD CORE Editing Instruction.

When I said that I teach UP, Module 4 is a perfect example of this concept.

Edit Like A Pro is a complete, entirely self-contained video training course that I developed for video editors who want to become Professional Editors.

It’s comprehensive and pulls no punches.

You might only use a fraction of the editing techniques that I teach in this module – but, if you suddenly decide that one day you want to bury one of your more arrogant competitors – this module will be part of your quiver.

When I decide to do something, I don’t often mess around. It’s probably some sort of compulsive disorder or something Freudian.

But my point is when I decided to out together Module 5 I admittedly went a little overboard.

First, Traffic Boss’s goal is to learn ya how to get your Videos distributed FAR and Wide, Killer Rankings in the Search Engines, How to Leverage Social Media and other emerging online communities, and other fun stuff that makes you #2 on Alex’s Hot Urls on the same day of the superbowl.

I’ve been teaching Traffic Generation for a lot of years, but I really wanted the traffic boss module to blow your mind.

So, here’s what ole cousin Andy did… I assembled a Dream Team Group of experts for Video SEO, Link Getting, Social Media Marketing, Video Distribution, and YouTube Dominance.

Here’s our team for Traffic Boss: For Video SEO and Link Getting, I’ve got The SEOBrainTrust. That’s Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode – who are widely regarded as the storm troopers of Search marketing. Dan and Leslie are no Joke. Just their section of Traffic Boss Alone is going to turn you into a SEO Boss.

  • We’ll cover Keyword Selection Strategy, so you’ll know WHAT terms to rank for.
  • How to optimize the linking structure of your site so that every page has the best chance for ranking possible.
  • How to make sure the web pages with your videos are fully search engine friendly.
  • You’ll learn how to track and adjust your ranking performance, so you’ll know whats working and why, and a few other little ninja things that other peole are NOT talking about!

And once you understand how the search engines bestow their love on you, you’ll need Dan to teach you how to Get Back Links Like a Boss. And that’s part 2 of their training.You’ll learn…

  • How Search Engines see and judge the value of each link that you get – so you’ll never waste any time chasing down a link that’s worthless.
  • An easy way to sneak up on your competitors by detect their marketing weaknesses so you can just sorta show up one day in front their listings and say “Hey”.
  • You’ll learn about a concept called Self-Liquidating Links that are actually worth money, but pay for themselves.
  • How to make sure the web pages with your videos are fully search engine friendly.
  • And here’s some powerful Kung-Fu – Dan has created a technique called a Leverage Engine which multiplies the value of the links you already have, and makes it far easier to make the links you get COUNT towards fast rankings.

That’s SEO – well, what about Social Media Marketing? Well Don Crowther has that covered. He’s a consultant for many fortune 100 companies about their Social Media Marketing strategies Don will talk about…

  • Key Social Media Outlets to post your Videos
  • How to judge the effectiveness of your Video Sharing Sites so you only concentrate on the sites that are giving you results.
  • When you should embed your content from video sharing sites like YouTube and when you should host your own video (cause we’ve seen that make a difference).
  • A 2-Part Teaser strategy to get all the goodness out of Video Sharing Site distribution while STILL getting your most qualified viewers in front of your offer and into your shopping cart.

Speaking of Video Sharing Sites – I don’t think Video Boss would be complete withrtout some comprehensive information on The Big Kahuna of Video Sharing Sites – and that’s YouTube Now look – this section is, well, in a word, viciously delicious

YouTube is pretty big, and the exposure you can get from it is monstrous.

So, I didn’t intend to mess around with this section.

I’m not going to just show you how to upload your video, tag it, and call it something clever like YouTube Boss.

That’s lame, yo. So, I reached out to Ole’ Paul Colligan.

And he reached back.

That didn’t sound right.

Here’s what Paul is gonna show you about YouTube.

  • How to get YouTube Friends and Subscribers even if you have NO content.
  • How to switch out YouTubes Flash Ads in your videos and put in Ads of your own (without paying for them)
  • How to increase your video view count automatically (With YouTubes Permission)
  • How to get Back Links FROM YouTube to your site – heh.
  • And this one is gangster – how to get your videos to show up as related videos on the most viewed videos in your topic.
  • And he’ll show you a little trick to get your videos to show up multiple times in the search engines..

Actually, there is ONE more thing – it’s about using a competitors ego against them to get their viewing audience to become YOUR viewing audience.

And the final part of Traffic Boss is Video Distribution.

And no one knows that better than Mike Koenigs, the inventor of enterprise level video distribution AND promotion service called Traffic Geyser.Mike’s discovered a TON of vital information about the behind the scenes workings of the Online Video Sharing Industry and online content distribution pipelines.

And for his part of Traffic Boss, he’s not only going to show us the best ways to leverage the video sharing site distribution phenomena, he’s going to take us places that others won’t go. 

There are 4.5 BILLION Mobile Media users.

Its one thing to get your video in front of people on their computer, but if we’re gonna do that, why not ALSO send it right into their pocket or purse and make it available on their phone.

We’re also going to get 5 of Mikes best celebrity video marketing secrets – and this is cool because he’ll show us how to build the kind of trust that famous people get when you communicate with your audience.

Mike’s also got experience coaching people who are Terrified of being on camera, but want to be anyway – he’s got this cool little technique to make palm-sweating folks who HATE they way they look suddenly look confident and real – all in 30 seconds.

Plus he’ll show you how to repurpose your scripts and then use them to get links back to your video on Blogs, Social Media Sites, Article Directories, and Social Bookmarking sites all automatically.  Friend, Traffic Boss is no joke.This is an arsenal of Video Marketing goodness that hasn’t been assembled in one place, ever.

And it’s all included with this program.

Here’s the jist – after you’ve learned how to make killer marketing videos, can you imagine how EASY it will be for you to make Instructional Videos? Not just for moving the free-line content, I’m talking videos that you can SELL, for profit.

Video Courses and training products that will ADD to your company’s bottom line profit. Module 6 will walk you through the same design and production process that I use to create Video Information Products. We’ll talk about…

  • Enhancing your target market’s value of your product.
  • Structuring the flow of your instruction to help the customer achieve their most desired outcome and when to provide Lecture Training vs. Laboratory Instruction (cause you need to do both).
  • How to multiply the customer’s positive experience beyond what they get in the core training.
  • And, much much more….

I’ll also give you advice on sales technology, like ecommerce engines, keeping your content as safe as possible, and how to easily repurpose your work to sell into multiple channels.

Module 7 contains the most revealing, candid, and in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the Birth, Creation, Marketing, and Delivery of The Video Boss Coaching Program that you’ll ever see.

I tell you exactly how I researched my target customer, and created the marketing content you’ve seen, to create desire for this product like I’ve never seen before.

And then, I’m going to hand you the keys… I’m going to give you a list of every arrow in my quiver. You’ll get every mind map, keynote and power point presentation, marketing video script, all the email copy, the split test results, and landing page copy that I used to launch this product. All of it. You’re going to have to sign a NDA. I’m not kidding.

I’ve spent 9 years learning to do what you’ve already seen and I’m only going to disclose it FULLY to people who understand what that 9 years and the resulting 8 figures worth of sales performance is worth.

SURPRISE! We’ll have a guest instructor to help you construct your own video product launch.

Jeff Walker, the author of Product Launch Formula, has presided over many of the most successful online product launches, both in and out of Internet Marketing.

So, Jeff will join us for some special learning sessions and show you the right way to launch your product with video.

And, it doesn’t matter what market you’re working in – Jeff’s overseen launches from practically every topic, from an Edible Plant Board Game to Horse Ballet Training.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, ask your family to clear the room.

In Like a Boss Advanced, I’m going to show you Special Effects like Blue and Green Screen Compositing.

I’ll show you how to create those funky and fun little animations that I open up my videos with.

I’m gonna show you how to virtually compose your own music and customize the impact of your musical score, like a boss. And, when I say advanced, I mean if you’ve ever thought about making the kinds of videos that you’ve just seen, that were a part of the Video Boss marketing, THIS module will show you how.

When you become a Member, I will guarantee you this – YOU WILL learn how to make and market with Video in the most profitable and efficient way that I know how.

That’s my promise to you.

For the first time in more than six months, I’m opening up The Video Boss: Now Even Bossier course EXCLUSIVELY for you.

I figured that once you’ve got your online business up and running with knowledge from Beginner’s Luck and polished it up with what you’ve learned from the Boss-A-Thon, you may want to take things to Internet Marketing ninja master level by harnessing the explosive traffic and conversion-generating power of online video.

I’ve been advised to charge at least $10,000 for this course, but I know that this price point will greatly limit the number of people who can take part in the training.

At the same time, I can’t give the Video Boss away at bargain bin rates, because significant investments have been made to make it the polished system and product that it is today.

What I’m going to do is allow you to spread your payments out over 6 months.

This means that you’ll pay $197 per month for 6 months.

Plus, there is absolutely NO RISK TO YOU.

As the case is with all honest Internet Marketers, I’m giving you a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel like The Video Boss has helped you in any way, you can contact our customer support team and they’ll give you 100% of your money back.

No questions asked. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

All you’ve got to do is click the “Upgrade” button below to get started…

Please Note: You will be billed $197 immediately, then 30 days from purchase date, an additional $197, then again every 30 days, for a total of 6 payments